Android Studio – Android Things with Raspberry Pi 3

So last week I was studying how to use Android Studio effectively in preparation for learning how to make Android apps:

and on the main page I was reading under the heading “Find Sample Code” and so in Android Studio I navigated to File -> New -> Import Sample… and noticed the category “Android things”.  In the first project listed there I saw that it was using the Raspberry Pi version 3. Now I am familiar with using the Raspberry Pi in the Intro to Programming using Python 3 course

This is my Raspberry Pi page:

I then wanted to know about Android Things and found this:

and from there found that to use Android Things with the Raspberry Pi I need the Raspberry Pi version 3 Starter Kit – which I ordered from the recommended UK vendor. It will arrive in the next few days and I will test out one of the Android Things sample projects on Android Studio. This is a little bit of a distraction from my studying Android app development, but I’m excited to be learning how to be a part of the Internet of Things…

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