Ubuntu Linux System Requirements for Android Studio specify the Gnome desktop environment (not Unity)

I’ve been using Ubuntu Linux 17.10 on a Dell desktop and a Dell Inspiron 15R laptop using the Unity desktop environment. However, I noted the Android Studio system requirements for a Linux machine specifies the Gnome or KDE Desktop Environment (DE) and does not specify Unity:


I did a Google search and can’t find any other documents referring to Linux desktop version and Android Studio. I went into the Gnome  DE and started up the Android Studio (version 2 and version 3) I’d installed using Unity and both started up in the same manner as they start up on Unity. You can switch between the desktop environments on a Ubuntu Linux machine when you first log in – look for the settings (machine cog) icon.

If Gnome is recommended, this may explain some glitches if you’re using Unity. Unity will be dropped in the not too distant future – see bottom link.


Reading the above about the differences in desktop environments, I gleened that Gnome is a cleaner leaner environment and Unity has some bloat and is slower – but the ease of use of Unity and being familiar with it has won out for now. But I will start to use the Gnome environment – see below…

Ubuntu 18.04 To Ship with GNOME Desktop, Not Unity

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