Android Studies – where I’m at on Thu 30th Aug 2018

I’m at this position in my Udacity studies: ud839 L5 (Activity Lifecycle and Audio Playback). In my Google researches I found a set of developer videos…

Android Developer Fundamentals - Videos

and started to go through them from the first. To date I am on video #6 out of 68 videos. Then I started to plan my quiz2exam app. The initial plan is to read a formatted text file of quiz or exam questions (with answers and categories) into a SQLite database and allow simple display on the phone. I acquired to promote and sell my  Quiz2Exam app when it is finally done.  I created the app Quiz2Exam to do my development on.  I’m continuing to update my Android Notes where I’m adding useful information as I find it.

My current focus is on how to read a text file into SQLite through an Android app.

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