Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my world! I’m embarking on a new quest to develop and publish an Android app to fund my retirement. Feel free to send ideas. First I have to brush up on Java, get familiar with Git (as an English woman that should be easy), study Android hard, maybe reward myself with a Google Pixel XL to replace my redundant and now insecure Nexus 5 (why did you do that Google?), and live happily ever after. Well that’s the plan. It starts here and now and I will document my progress. So far I have installed this – my WordPress blog site on, installed the latest version of Android Studio (AS3) on my Dell Inspiron 15R running Ubuntu Linux 17.10, installed Intellij for my Java studies ($ umake ide idea) and discovered the amazing free courses on Udacity. I’m also working full time at Coquitlam College in BC, Canada as Head of the Computer Science Department teaching Python programming in the classroom and online. You can see everything here: